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A ‘Sheetz’ Commitment to Service: Interview with Nick Ruffner

We got the chance to sit down with Nick Ruffner, the Sheetz Public Relations Manager. With the company of Sheetz being so well known in this area and many areas across the state of Pennsylvania, we can assume that they are being affected by this pandemic greatly like a lot of those companies like it. But how is Sheetz reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic? How are they taking steps to provide safe service to their customers? Nick had lots of information to share with us.

With stores in over six states, including Pennsylvania, they are still one of the only models who are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This model still being in place with the coronavirus occurring, Ruffner says they are taking all precautions necessary. “With our store locations still being open, we take these responsibilities very seriously. We don’t want to forget about the folks who are working at this time and those who aren’t working as well.” Sheetz does an amazing job of providing their services to all those who work in the medical field, the doctors, nurses, and technicians. Along with that, they are serving the police, firefighters, EMTs and many other essential business groups who are on the frontlines, battling the virus and keeping our communities safe.

Sheetz is also thanking those employees who continue to come into work every day three additional dollars to their pay an hour. “What we really want to do is thank our store teams for their hard work during this time. We know its a tough and challenging time and it’s one of the reasons why we came out with the increase. That’s the least we could do for our store teams. They are amazing. They really are.” The appreciation for these store teams is endless and how they have reached out to their own communities makes them unique. “Our store teams are like our families, but more importantly, our store teams are like family to the community they serve.”

Not only are there job opportunities within the Sheetz company still, but they can experience that $3 wage increase right away. By going to jobs.sheetz.com, you can check out all of the opportunities you can have at the store level but also at the corporate level, as well. Whether this increase will stay for longer than the expected date is up in the air. Ruffner says, “What it all really depends on is the need from our store teams.”

As far as the cleaning procedures, Sheetz is taking cleanliness very important. They have reinforced all cleaning procedures to make sure they are following the CDC guidelines. Every surface that can be touched, the credit card machines, gas pumps, touch screens, all of those are being cleaned throughout the day, multiple times a day. So, for those who are worried about leaving the house, Sheetz is one company that is going above and beyond to keep its customers safe. To hear the entire interview, go back to the Blair County folder. Thank you, Nick Ruffner, for talking with us at First Frontier Forward! And thank you, Sheetz, for all that you do to provide from our communities!

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