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Action Driven Education: Empowering Educators Across the Country

Tim and April Kretchman of Meyersdale, PA are using their passion for education to empower educators across the country through their online platform, Action Driven Education.

The mission of Action Driven Education is to provide meaningful tools that allow educators to develop solutions that meet the needs of children with special needs.

”Our goal is to empower kids with disabilities to be able to overcome those disabilities,” says Tim. Action Driven Education is achieving this goal by providing a platform for these children's’ teachers and parents.

Tim began his career in education as a special needs teacher 22 years ago, and April is a math teacher in the Rockwood Area School District. Together, they experienced a lack of tools and resources for children that were struggling to learn.

“By using a platform or online methodology, we knew that it could be spread to teachers across the United States without us having to be there,” says Tim. “We aren’t interested in being the heroes. We’re really interested in empowering others. We don’t want to have to be the people that come in and give solutions. We want to empower people to develop their own solutions.”

One of the stand-out features of Action Driven Education is what Tim and April call “Accomods” - an abbreviation for accommodation and modification. Accomods are implementation guides that detail how to support a child past their disability.

These Accomods align with a specific student’s needs by allowing the user to come in and enter information about a child. The system then generates ideas for how to help overcome that need.

“Using our algorithms we’ve developed, we take that child’s strengths, needs, and the intensity of both. It then produces a form that gives suggestions or ideas for how to overcome that disability,” says Tim.

“There’s nothing worse than trying to solve a problem from a blank slate,” Tim continues. “We’re trying to make it so that slate is not blank, so that you’re automatically in a situation where you’re presented with multiple solutions and can decide which one might work best for the child.”

To learn more about Action Driven Education and how it’s making the classroom accessible for every child, visit their website.

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