• Meghan Harvey

Altoona Gets Creative: Interview with Mayor Matt Pacifico

The Blair County community is coming together to find creative ways to make the best of COVID-19 restrictions.

Downtown Altoona will be blocking off 14th street between 11th and 12th ave and opening up the area for outdoor restaurant seating.

“Since reducing restaurant seating capacity is required to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, we have to be creative in how we adjust to the new normals,” says Pacifico.

“Being able to create an outdoor space downtown to increase seating capacity is one way that we can adapt to the challenge of protecting the public health and safety while also making sure that our businesses can remain viable and thrive again,” Pacifico continues.

The area will be a place for community members to sit outside and enjoy themselves without having to worry.

Pacifico hopes that opening the streets for outdoor seating will bring back some of the business the restaurants had before the pandemic hit.

“I think that the people of Altoona are resilient. I’m optimistic and very hopeful that we’re going to bounce back from this all,” says Pacifico.

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