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Artist Feature - Emily Gottshall

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This week's #ArtistFeature is Emily Gottshall, a digital media artist in Blair County Pennsylvania. Gottshall was born in California and grew up in the area of Hollywood, constantly surrounded by the movies and entertainment the city brought to her. Growing up, she remembers being drawn to the Los Angles Museum of Modern Art and seeing all of the incredible artists that were featured. This would spark her interest in art and would only help her grow to love and appreciate multiple mediums.

Gottshall moved to Blair County, Pennsylvania with her husband back in 2003. Some of her influences for her digital art passion stem from Disney, movies, cartoons, and other colorful animations. She works mainly with digital collages but has also done watercolor paintings and ceramics. Her art has been featured in shows like the Blair County Arts Festival and at different art galleries across our region.

When asked if she was working on any current projects, Gottshall comments, "I found myself kinda stuck with COVID-19 happening. I was able to finally put some work into that," referring to a current project that is posted on her Facebook page. Her work in watercolors has also been recent. She talks about a children's book that she is a part of and how it goes back to the roots of her artistic background, her love of painting. The book itself is about a family in the 1930s during the great depression. With religious elements, she says, "It ties into my upbringing and the story really speaks to the idea of having a strong family and community to fall back on when there's trouble."

We asked about the advice she would give to someone who was struggling to find art that they loved doing or an artist who was going through a rough patch. She says, "Try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, try something new." She recalls how becoming a member of an artist's Facebook group helped her get out of a slump she had been in. Through different exercises, including painting a mural on a fence, she found this group encouraging others to think outside of the box, sparking creativity. "It made me feel better and it was not something I would normally do. I wasn't judged and I was helping others smile, including myself." She sums up her advice with a simple quote to follow. "Think beyond yourself as an artist."

We would like to thank Emily Gottshall for her time and for being one of First Frontier Forward's featured artists! Check out her work and be sure to follow her on social media for more amazing pieces!






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