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Artist Feature - Marie Young

Clearfield County native, Marie Young, has found herself surrounded by art in many different ways. Sewing as a young girl with her mother, drawing as she grew up, and later finding other mediums to satisfy her creativity, Young has had her fair share of projects. With each, her love for art has only grown.

Studying Art History at Penn State put a stop to her drawing for a moment. Young found herself lacking creativity and passion. "Seeing great works of art really paralyzed me for a while. I was going to museums and seeing these great works of art but I wasn't finding the motivation to create my own." After graduating, she moved into a communications field, working in marketing and branding for Penn State and Saint Francis University, where she found herself wanting more. "Doing that, I found myself working with certain logos and colors. It's branding, and at some point, I just wanted some creativity flowing outside of the job."

Her hobbies expanded into using polymer clay, mixed media, 3D pieces, and photography. She does many custom pieces for family and friends. Her work is also available in her Etsy shop. One of the themes of projects she works on is anthropomorphizing animals and dressing them in stunning outfits. She uses this as an outlet for her own sense of style. "I dress very plain, not a fashionista. It's almost like I don't want people to look at me for my clothing choices. But with these animals, I sort of get to live vicariously through them and their outfits." She's inspired by the 1920s and the 1950s with clothing choices.

Growing up in Clearfield County, Young got to showcase some of her early works at the Clearfield County Fair, an easy in for beginning artists who need exposure. After 15 years and a move to Blair County, Young saw herself being drawn to photography. Watching a special interview of Marlaina Pacifico on Central PA Live, she signed up for one of her classes. She expressed an interest in product photography and Pacifico encouraged her to bring in some of her pieces. Pacifico later opened a gallery in the Bedford area and offered Young her first solo show for her art. "She gave me such a great opportunity and I was grateful for what that gave me and my work." Young later got to work at shows like the Blair County Arts Festival and Sci-Fi Valley Con. She was also invited to be a part of Art in Common.

When asked if she had any advice for artists just starting out, Young eagerly expressed her encouragement for those in the beginning stages. "The best thing you can do is get comfortable with failing. You really don't know when you start, you're trying to be an artist and you're trying to do everything right. You have to just do it. You're going to have a lot of things that are horrible and that's okay. The beginning stage is a good thing."

We thank Marie Young for her time and encourage all area artists to reach out to First Frontier Forward for the chance to be a part of our 'Artist Feature'. Be sure to check out Marie Young on social media, her website, and on her Etsy store.

Web: MarieYoungCreative.com FB: @MarieYoungCreative Insta: @marieyoungcreative

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