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Artistry at Work: Local Couple Creates Unique Wood Art for Essential Workers

In our area, we are honoring those who are essential workers every day and in any way that we can. Whether we are participating in the Tuesday night Illumination Ovation or placing signs outside of our homes, we show our appreciation for these workers and their willingness to be out on the frontlines. One couple in Blair County decided to put their own spin on celebrating these amazing workers.

After approaching a WTAJ news reporter, Lora and Bill Cain explained how they are using their skills in woodworking to create one-of-a-kind wooden hearts that read, “Our Heroes; Thank you for all that you do!” Bill Cain has been creating unique pieces of wood art for years, inspired by their son who was creating his own wood art out in Las Vegas around the time of the Las Vegas shooting in 2017. Bill has since started his own projects and has gotten many surprised and appreciative responses, especially from the wooden hearts he passes out. “There was a UPS guy,” Bill mentions, “he was just about to pull out and I stopped him, handed him one. He was very surprised and pleased.”

A retired Navy radioman, Bill wanted to give back to others just like his son. Inspired after the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017, Bill’s son designed a wooden piece, including the Las Vegas Strong symbol in the center. After posting this art to the website Etsy, in a matter of one day, there were thousands of orders. He raised close to $18,000 for the shooting victims fund.

Bill can be found creating lots of woodworking crafts in his shed throughout the day. From signs to earrings, the list goes on. But for now, his focus is on honoring those essential workers in our area. To read the full story and watch the video, check it out below on WTAJ’s website. Here’s to people like Bill and Lora Cain who are letting our essential workers know that they matter every day!

Full Story: https://www.wearecentralpa.com/local/local-couple-makes-heart-shaped-woodworkings-for-essential-workers/

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