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Bedford Apart of Main Streets Contest

Main streets and downtown areas speak to the energy and the livelihood of a city or town. Some have the glitz and glam like downtown Hollywood in California and New York City’s Time Square. When it comes to classic main streets, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of flair and old town favorites that remain a staple to today’s residents. We’re talking about Bedford County! This year, the county’s downtown area has been nominated for America's Main Street Contest, which is partnering with STIHL company. 25 towns have been chosen but only one can be the winner!

The contest awards $25,000 to the main street for revitalization purposes. As mentioned on the website, “First settled in the 1700s, Bedford is best known for its rich history. Our downtown features unique boutiques, artisan shops, antiques, specialty restaurants, wineries, art galleries, nationally-recognized museums, historical landmarks, hiking and biking parks, and trails. We have a brewery/pub and will soon be adding a distillery, as well. One of the most appreciated elements of downtown Bedford is visiting over the holidays. Our picturesque town lit by Christmas lights adds to its ambiance and charm and has even been compared to a Norman Rockwell painting. Unfortunately, our current lights are more than 20 years old and are in desperate need of being updated. If we are granted the $25,000, the money would be used to redecorate the streets throughout our downtown, for both the community and visitors alike to enjoy for years to come!”

If you wish to help Bedford County win America’s Main Street Contest, go to the website below and vote! You can vote a limited amount of times per day and voting ends on June 2nd, 2020! Help one of our own First Frontier counties!

Source: https://www.mainstreetcontest.com/profile/82?fbclid=IwAR1c-JwCOSmyxUzSDsjoanvLT9rCVxFBbdid_Ocp6UMVJOoPIp8hHETjwgM

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