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Black Valley Farm: Cottage Farming in Everett, PA

Alana Foor’s roots in agriculture run deep, and she’s turning her passion into a living on her farm in Everett, PA.

Black Valley Farm practices what’s called “cottage industry farming,” a system of producing goods at home rather than in large-scale factories. The farm also specializes in Kunekune pigs, a rare breed of pigs that have only been in the United States for a little over a decade.

“Kunekune pigs are a smaller heritage breed, and their unique attribute is that they graze,” says Alana. “Pastured agriculture is definitely becoming more and more of a trend in the United States. Animals can be put out on pasture and live as nature intended and eat grass. These pigs are one of the only breeds that accommodates that kind of husbandry.”

Alana’s inspiration comes through family heritage. Growing up, she would help her grandfather on his farm, which was right up the road from where her own farm currently sits.

“My farm used to be part of the original family farm,” says Alana. “Our family can actually trace the land grant all the way back to William Penn and the founding of Pennsylvania.”

In addition to Kunekune pigs, Black Valley Farm also raises poultry, sheep, and late-season crops. Alana also keeps family cows and has a cottage garden where she grows produce for her family.

Last year, Alana took the next big step and purchased a commercial retail space on Main St. in Everett that serves as a farm-to-table pantry. Here, she is able to connect with people in her community and provide other families with the same healthy food sources.

Alana views agriculture as one of the most important factors in her life. “Having accountability for other living things gives me a purpose,” she says. “Agriculture is a sort of therapy in and of itself.”

Alana offers private tours of Black Valley Farm, and she recommends messaging her beforehand so that she can tailor your experience to exactly what you’re interested in. Visit blackvalleyfarm.com to learn more, and visit them on Facebook @blackvalleyfarm!

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