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Chamber Reaches Out: Bedford Chamber Helps Local Businesses Stay Connected

With small businesses, like your local mom and pop shops, having to close and even big manufacturers having to find other ways to cope with fewer employees, stores and companies have been turning to their Chamber of Commerce for help and support. The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce has reached out to those folks who are seeking help and have kept Bedford County running, despite the pandemic.

Shutdowns and closings left many businesses and their owners wondering what next steps they were going to have to take. The list of unknowns was endless and owners were turning to the Chamber for answers. With most of their employees working from home, the Bedford Chamber of Commerce has been helping businesses through the unemployment process, waivers, regulations, and other processes. With every challenge businesses bring to the table, the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce has handled them all with support and patience, all to help accomplish the ultimate goal of having these businesses reopen.

Renee Nicholson, the owner of Everett Flower Shop, commented on the Chamber’s efforts throughout the pandemic. “The Chamber of Commerce in Bedford has done an outstanding job through this pandemic. They have kept small business owners like myself informed about small business grants and loans and have arranged numerous conference calls with the PA representative and the state senator. Besides keeping us informed, they have arranged several online social events to keep businesses connected. In this crazy time, some days we just need a listening ear and a friendly smile, and all those at the Chamber have definitely provided that.”

Even though normal may seem far away, businesses can rely on organizations like the Chamber to help them through these tough times. Chambers across our region have been a source of support and have connected people with others who are dealing with similar situations. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for more information on how they are helping the community and hats off to the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce for their work.

Read the whole article on page 22 of the Spring/Summer 2020 edition of the Altoona Mirror insert ‘Generations.’

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BedfordCountyChamberofPA

Website: http://www.bedfordcountychamber.com/

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