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Claysburg Couple Adopts 5 Young Siblings

This past Sunday, Amy Boyer celebrated her first Mother’s Day with her husband Michael and their 5 adopted children.

The Claysburg couple began fostering children in 2017. They completed their adoption of five children, all siblings under the age of 6, this past December.

“Mother’s Day is a very special day, especially when you once thought you would never have kids,” says Amy. “It’s a special day you spend doing what you like to do as a family. We enjoy doing the simple things together and just spending time together where we can relax and generally just be together without rushing around everywhere.”

Sylvia Kailimai, intake coordinator at the Blair Foundation of Altoona, says the family’s story is “unique and very rare,” as you don’t normally see five young siblings being adopted together. “I look at them and it is such a blessing for Amy and Mike. And, they are so impactful in the future direction these kiddos are going to go,” says Sylvia.

“You have to be brave to do this, and Mike and Amy are very brave,” Sylvia continues. “You let the kids into your heart and your head and then have to go through all the legal processes, so it takes a lot of courage.”

Sylvia has helped create nine new families since she started working at the Blair Foundation of Altoona six years ago, but she calls the Boyer family “the highlight of my career.” The oldest child was placed in foster care over abuse allegations, so the remaining four siblings entered foster care, as well.

Amy and Mike were in the process of adopting the four siblings when the fifth child was born. Phoebe, now 1, came to the Boyers straight from the hospital at only two days old.

Amy’s older sister, Abi Bush, says Amy is “genuinely thrilled to be a mom because there was a hole in her heart for such a long time. Amy is definitely happier because that hole has been filled. She accepted what life dealt her and is genuinely happy with the decisions they made. She has five babies now.”

The community is so happy for Amy and Mike, and we wish them and their family nothing but happiness! They are the prime example of what family is all about: love, dedication, and uniqueness.

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