• Rob Z

Counseling During Crisis

Rob Z sat down with Ashleigh Nearhoof of Evolution Counseling Services, LLC to discuss what the organization is doing for our community, and how you can get involved. Evolution Counseling Services has been steering kids and families towards success and happiness for nearly five years. The program, serving Blair and Huntingdon County, helps children find their path by offering unique opportunities for growth and healing. “We wanted to build an agency that was strength-based, client-centered, and focused on people’s abilities.” says Ashleigh. “We really wanted to teach people to be independent and make long-lasting change through really great programs.” Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/2U397Tv To learn more about Evolution Counseling Services, visit: http://www.evolutioncounselingservice... To learn more about Evolution Expressions, visit: http://www.evolutionexpressions.com/

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