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Crossroads Cryotherapy: Improving the Health and Well-Being of the Greater Blair County Community

First Frontier Forward is all about moving our area forward, helping our fellow community members, and sharing aspects of our community that people might not know about. One of those hidden gems is Crossroads Cryotherapy, the only cryotherapy location in Central Pennsylvania!

Located in Duncansville, Crossroads Cryotherapy is the newest addition to the Crossroads family of therapy services. Cryotherapy utilizes extreme cold temperatures to stimulate endorphin release throughout the body and increase blood flow naturally.

“Cryotherapy is essentially ‘cold therapy,’” says co-owner Aaron Kovach. “The best thing I can compare it to is an ice bath, but instead of using ice and water, we use liquid nitrogen in a gas form that comes out and cools the chamber. It gets a lot colder than an ice bath would get, but it’s a lot more tolerable because it’s dry.”

The main benefits of cryotherapy are reduced pain and reduced inflammation. Studies also show that cold therapy offers a wide range of additional health benefits, such as improved sleep, enhanced metabolism, enhanced immunity, and increased energy.

Cryotherapy is great for athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and people with chronic aches and pains. “It helps them manage their pain, it gives them energy, and it just improves their overall health and wellness,” says Aaron.

An additional benefit of cryotherapy is how quick it is. “You don’t have to spend 15 minutes in an ice bath,” Aaron says. “It’s a quick 3-minute session. It’s cold, but it’s very tolerable, and you get that rush of endorphin release. You feel rejuvenated and reenergized. You should feel better after one session, but consistency is key - just like any type of treatment.”

Your first session at Crossroads Cryotherapy is only $20. After that, an individual session is $35. They’re currently offering 3 sessions for $99, 5 sessions for $150, or 10 sessions for $250. They also offer 10% off of those package prices for high school and college students, first responders, active military members, and veterans.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, the best way to contact Crossroads Cryotherapy is by calling their office at 814-696-3400. You can also visit them online at https://www.crossroadscryotherapy.org/.

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