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Ethical & Eco-Friendly Shopping in Central PA

Emily McCarty runs Wildfire apparel and clothing in Martinsburg, PA. If you were to browse around her store, it wouldn’t just be clothes and accessories. McCarty has a keen eye for products that are both unique, in with the latest styles, but also local and American made. Finding products and pieces at shows, she even finds unique makers on social media, especially on Instagram. “Only 3% of clothing is made in the United States,” McCarty says, “and, granted, it’s been hard to find, but I am trying my best to find those pieces of apparel.” Her special interest in American made clothing and products reassures shoppers that, as a shop owner, she cares about the products she carries being dependable and long-lasting. When she first started with the idea of opening a store, McCarty commented on her relationship with eco-friendly products. Even though they weren’t on her radar at first, she later found herself more driven to find these products for her customers around July of 2019. “I was looking at the waste I was producing in my personal life and I thought that should go hand in hand with my business.” Two of the unique, eco-friendly products are shampoo bars and makeup erasers. The shampoo bars come in compostable packaging, contain no harsh chemicals, are cruelty-free, work on color-treated hair, and are made in the USA. Website: www.shop.wildfire.us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shopwildfire.us Instagram: @shopwildfire.us Store Address: 518 S Market Street Martinsburg, Pennsylvania 16662

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