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Happy Easter from First Frontier Forward

Here at First Frontier Forward, we are happy to be telling the stories of these counties. We are happy to be bringing together these communities through the acts of good people, good businesses and good organizations. During this time of unknowing, we are tested on how we are handling ourselves, our loved ones and most importantly, the health of all people around us. From one person’s perspective, there is this feeling of accomplishment. We have banded together as a community to take on this pandemic. When holidays come around, it’s difficult to have to stay at home. The idea of not being surrounded by our loved ones is hard, but we must continue to think of the outcome that is going to be there once the curve has officially flattened.

This Easter, let’s reflect on how resilient we have been as a community. Our neighbors are helping their neighbors. We are being cautious and we are taking action. Talking to Jose Otero, we learn not to fear change, but to embrace it. Talking to Bethany Marshall, we learn it’s okay to be different and that everyone should be proud of who they are. At First Frontier Forward, we talk to and write about many inspiring people and they give us, in return, some amazing words to live by. Our community is inspiring to us. Keep positive, First Frontier. We are strong and we are going to do this together. Here’s to hoping you all have a safe and healthy week ahead!

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