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Healthy Habits with Chad Sievers

First Frontier Forward understands the struggles that you are facing with COVID-19 in our everyday lives. The idea of getting healthy might be something some choose to put on the back burner. We are learning that there are many different ways you can conquer the day and get healthier because of it. Chad Sievers, a local personal trainer sheds some of his insight on how simply incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine can make a world of difference.

Having grown up as the "skinny kid", Sievers saw his self-confidence being lowered. "As I grew up," Sivers says, "I started going lifting with buddies. I didn't take weight lifting or working out that seriously. Going into college, that's when I started to focus on it more." He began researching weight lifting strategies, healthy eating plans, and much more, all sparking his interest.

Sievers began his coaching journey with his friends and family. He started by incorporating healthy habits into their daily routines. The more results they saw, the more excited he got about trying something new. Coaching for Sievers began with workout routines and meal prepping PDFs for his clients. Most clients are corporate women who are looking for a way to sustainably lose weight and keep it off for the long run.

Sievers talks about the goals he has for his clients. He stresses that when he works with a client, he wants to remind them that these are not just temporary results that they are going after. He wants to infuse their life with simple routine changes that can have a last, healthy effect on their lives. He looks at their existing routines, eating habits, sleeping habits, etc. With the meal prepping and workouts set up, the last step to establish is a healthy mental state. "I find that a lot of people forget about the importance of having a strong, healthy mental state. One of the biggest things is as simple as changing your environment."

Who you surround yourself with and how those people have an influence on you is also either a big step forward and a few steps back. It could be something as simple as setting your workout clothes out the night before, prepping a few meals for the week ahead of time, making it easy for you to be successful, that's how Sievers helps you find your success. He repeats this quote to his clients and it sends quite a powerful message. "Control your mornings. Control your nights. You win those and you win the day."

Thank you so much to Chad Sievers for taking the time to talk with us at First Frontier Forward! We appreciate your time. If you are looking to get into a healthier mindset for the coming months and into the long-term, contact Chad for more information on his personal training. All of his social media is linked below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chad.sievers.9

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chadsievers/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chad-sievers-a63a2b9a

Website: chadsievers.typeform.com/to/fsRtB1

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