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HHG Drums: A Small Company with a Deep Passion

HHG Drums is doing big things not just in Central Pennsylvania, but also in the music industry. Located in Hollidaysburg, the team at HHG Drums creates custom, handmade drums for musicians all over the world.

What started as a hobby has flourished into an inspirational business full of character and passion - right in our own backyard.

Sam Thurau, founder of HHG Drums, has been involved with woodworking for the majority of his life. “I gravitated toward every single shop class I could get in high school,” says Sam. “My dad was a woodworker, and he was also a drummer. I picked up drumming from a very young age and started a punk band with my brother.”

After moving to Altoona 13 years ago, Sam discovered that people were creating DIY drums and was instantly inspired. “I took the two things I was passionate about, woodworking and music, and put them together and started building drums,” Sam says.

Sam started building his own drums in 2013 with no real ambitions other than seeing if he could do it. A few years later, it became more than a hobby. “I was renting a shop from a guy and selling the drums on eBay. Then I got into some magazines and started getting some traction,” says Sam. “Every year I would double down a little bit more.”

HHG Drums have now been sold to musicians in every single state throughout the country. They’ve sold drums to customers on five continents, and their drums are also sold at drum stores in Japan and London.

Sam stresses the idea that in order to be truly successful, you need to find your passion. “I do this because I love it,” says Sam. “Every time I play a drum I’ve built for the first time, I’m reminded of why I do this.”

HHG Drums has already achieved huge milestones, including being voted ‘best new snare drum’ in Drum Magazine, and recently winning the Ben Franklin’s BIG Idea Contest. They’ve also teamed up with the PSU Learning Factory and are welcoming 8 graduate engineering students for an inside look at the business. The students will be designing some products for HHG over the next semester.

To learn more about HHG Drums, visit their website at http://shop.hhgdrums.com/. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit @HHGDrums.

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