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Hollidaysburg Entrepreneur Takes Text Messaging to New Levels

We all know that online marketing is important, especially now. But engaging with customers can be tough, and with so many digital tools available, it’s hard to find the right one for your specific business.

Jack Zerby, a Hollidaysburg native and online-training expert, and his business partner Anthony Vella have created a new platform that makes customer interaction come naturally.

TextMessageTraining.com makes it easy to engage and train people at scale - no software needed. The platform utilizes only SMS marketing, or text message marketing, to interact with customers.

There are many benefits that come with SMS messaging. For starters, they have a 98% open rate and a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook. Text message marketing also prevents you from having to download an app, sign up for another piece of software, or become overwhelmed by technology.

Jack, a serial entrepreneur with a wide background in design and technology, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to online learning platforms. He was previously the Design Director at Vimeo, a consultant for Teachable, and has four classes available on Skillshare with over 30,000 students. He also founded his own online school, School of Action.

“All of these things accumulated into what I do now,” says Jack. “It was a great chance to understand what the leaders are doing in this space, as far as online teaching goes. Text messages are a great environment for learning. There are no distractions as there are with Facebook, Instagram, or even other websites.”

Jack and Andrew are working with a wide variety of people, from major pharmaceutical companies and small business owners, to fitness trainers and churches. “Not only is this a great tool for external marketers, it’s also a great tool for internal training for employees and onboarding employees, Jack says.

Text Message Training is just one piece of their core web-based platform, which they are launching for early access users. “You have to apply and tell us what you’re doing and how you want to improve,” says Jack. “We’ll answer any questions you have and put together a full demo for you. Based on the needs that you have, we come up with a customized pricing plan. We don’t want to sell you things you’re not going to need. It may not even be a good fit. In that case, I can recommend other platforms.”

Now is the perfect time to try something new! For more information on Text Message Training, visit their website!

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