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How To Re-Invent Your Photography Business

Marlaina Pacifico owner of Grin Gallery Photography & Art Gallery is capturing history in the making with her "Porchraits". Marlaina, an extremely talented photographer, is going to homes and capturing community members and families on their porches, in their yards, and even through their windows. She is calling these photos “Porchraits.” In an effort to practice social distancing, Marlaina has had to find an entirely new way to take pictures. “Most of the time I’m either in my car or on top of my car. I’ve even climbed somebody’s tree so I could get the angle I wanted. These Porchraits are fun because they force me to be creative. I’m stuck being far away using only one lens,” says Marlaina. “My mom sent me a link of someone who was doing this in another town, and I thought, ‘That is so important. Everybody needs to be doing this. There needs to be a photographer in every region documenting this. This is history. This hasn’t happened before. This is important.’” Read the Full Article on our website - https://bit.ly/2XLYirz Sessions cost $100, but Marlaina is offering to come for free. “These are really hard times,” she says. “It’s more important for me to get the history than anything.” Follow Grin Gallery Photography on Facebook Grin Gallery Photography & Art Gallery and on Instagram @gringallery Follow Smirk Studios on Facebook Smirk Studios and on Instagram @smirk_studios

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