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In My Own Words - Bette Slayton

This is the second installment of our series, 'In My Own Words,' at First Frontier Forward!

This week, we got to talk to Bette Slayton! She is the President and CEO of the Bedford County Development Association. We asked her what she loves about Bedford County and this is what she had to say!

"I love the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Bedford County. I love our wide-open spaces, the fresh air, and the enjoyment of four incredible seasons.

I love that the people of our county care deeply about our rich history, our agricultural roots, and the great outdoors. I love that we care about each other, especially during times of need, and how we value our families and friendships.

I love that we have the best-of-the-best employers, state parks, fairs and festivals, restaurants, shopping, and schools. I love our wildlife, hiking trails, streams, and ski hills. I love the Bedford Springs Resort and all that it means to our area.

I love our excellent transportation system and our close proximity to major metropolitan areas. I love that we can have the best of both worlds: traveling a few hours to experience the bright lights of big cities and then returning to the comfort of our safe and bucolic rural area.

Most of all, I love that I am so very blessed to be able to call Bedford County my home."

So, what do you love about Bedford County? Let us know down in the comments! Thank you so much to Bette Slayton for her inspiring words!

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