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In My Own Words - Jose Otero

Once again, we have reached out to someone to ask them what they love about the area they live in! This week for our, "In Your Own Words," segment, we asked Cambria County local, Jose Otero, about what he loves about the area he lives in!

Read his response below . . .

"Fourteen years ago, I arrived to Johnstown, Cambria County from San Diego, California. As I drove into the area, I was amazed by the beautiful rolling mountains, rivers, and multiple trails to hike or ride a bike. People were fishing, kayaking, and having a great time. I immediately fell in love with the picturesque postcard settings that were bountiful. As the years progressed I’m still in love with what Mother Nature has to offer, but I also found a new love for the region that is much deeper; the people.

At work, on the soccer field, grocery store, or downtown, it’s the people that have provided me with great experiences that I often feel a newfound love every day. Embracing stories from the elders about what it used to be, getting to know neighbors, participating in volunteer initiatives, etc... Without the people making these experiences happen, it wouldn’t be the same. Having active civic engagement is important and powerful. Historically in the region, when things need to change and change is needed, the people organize and speak up for what they are passionate about. Their voices are loud and they make a change."

If you're from Cambria County, what things do you love about the area you live in? Comment them below!

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