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In My Own Words - Mayor Matt Pacifico

Here at First Frontier Forward, we are talking to locals about what they love about the county they live in. This series is called "In My Own Words," and our first installment is the Mayor of Altoona, Matt Pacifico!

We asked him, "Matt, what do you love about Blair County?"

His response: "I love Blair County because of the natural beauty of our area. We are so blessed and fortunate to have such beautiful natural amenities right in our own backyard that so many of us sometimes take for granted. From the city, you’re only 20 minutes from enjoying a bike ride on the Lower Trail, or kayaking along the Juniata River. We have picturesque countrysides and mountains, and we have endless hiking trails and other outdoor activities. I love that we are home to the Altoona Curve, Baker Mansion, the Railroaders Memorial Museum, and the Horseshoe Curve. But what I love the most about Blair County is that no matter where I am in the world, I always look forward to coming home. ❤️"

What is something you love about Blair County? Thanks to Matt for being the first of this series!


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