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Innovative Extracts: CBD from Seed to Sale

CBD products are extremely popular right now, but who knows where that CBD comes from? Or what’s actually in the bottle?

Innovative Extracts, created by Matt Sinosky, Andy Golden, and Vince Golden, is providing locally-sourced, high-quality CBD products right here in Cambria County!

“We are a licensed hemp grower. We have a farm in Portage, PA where we grow our own hemp, and we have a manufacturing facility where we process that hemp plant material into CBD oil to be used to make CBD products for human and pet consumption,” says Matt Sinosky. “Everything we source is 100% local, including labeling and packaging. “We try to keep all business in the local economy.”

Innovative Extracts’ products compare to the top CBD products on the market, but at a 30-40% lower price. As a seed-to-sale company, they do everything from buying the seeds and growing the hemp, to processing the CBD oil, allowing them to cut out the middleman. The product is then sold directly to consumers.

CBD is legal to sell and offers a variety of benefits, but one of the issues with the industry is that it’s not regulated by the FDA. “As a consumer, you have to be very careful about the product you’re purchasing,” says Matt. “We have all our products tested multiple times. We have it tested at the bottling facility, and once we get the product back from that facility, we then send it independently to a third party lab to verify their testing.”

Although CBD is a cannabis product, it is not related to THC, the active ingredient responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. “Marijuana plants are very high in THC and low in CBD,” says Matt. “The hemp plants we grow are just the opposite: high in CBD and very low in THC.”

CBD oil provides the benefits of medical marijuana, but without the psychoactive effects. It can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve inflammation. After personally benefiting from use of CBD oils, the team at Innovative Extracts wanted to help others improve their quality of life, as well.

Matt has used his products for joint pain, his wife uses it to reduce stress and anxiety, and their kids even use it to help with sleep.

Their products are available to purchase through their website, https://www.ie-cbd.com/, and in the retail store on their farm. Customers are welcome to stop by the farm to check out the lab, see the plants, and try some samples!

Check out Innovative Extracts on Facebook and Instagram @innovativeextracts.

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