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Ironside Axe: Johnstown's Newest Form of Entertainment

Ironside Axe in Johnstown, PA is one of many local businesses contributing to the revitalization of Cambria County. The business is also creating some fun and excitement for community members!

Started by Bill Wissinger this past September, Ironside Axe is a place where people can come and experience a new form of entertainment: axe throwing, a sport that is rapidly growing across the country.

“We’ve wanted to open something in Johnstown for a good while now,” says Bill. “Johnstown is really reinventing itself. We now have these different entertainment options, like Ironside Axe and Coal Tubin’. You don’t have to go to Pittsburgh. You can stay right here in your own backyard and have a great weekend.”

Born and raised in Johnstown, Bill has enjoyed seeing the revitalization that has been happening throughout Johnstown over the past decade. “There’s been a lot of restaurants and small businesses opening up, and many locally owned and operated gyms. It’s really great.”

Small businesses are at the heart of the First Frontier area, and there are many resources available to help these local businesses get off the ground. When Bill began his Ironside Axe venture, he reached out to JARI, a non-profit economic development organization that has devoted itself to the business community in Cambria and Somerset counties since 1974.

“JARI has been a tremendous help throughout this whole process,” says Bill. “They enabled us to do what we did. Having resources like this really helps people who want to open their own business and helps them to succeed. Having JARI as a resource was vital.”

Ironside Axe welcomes people of all ages and abilities, and Bill is dedicated to ensuring his customers have an amazing time. “We really focus on the success of our customers,” Bill says. “It’s important to us that we coach them along. There are some people that can come out and throw the axe the first time, and there are some people it takes 30 throws. My mom loves throwing axes, and so does my 8-year-old daughter.”

Ironside Axe provides a venue that can be used for birthday parties, fundraisers, or team-building events. The facility is also affiliated with the World Axe Throwing League for those who are looking for some competition.

“We look forward to serving our community and to people just having a good time,” says Bill.

Learn more about Ironside Axe by visiting their website, https://www.ironsideaxejohnstown.com/ and follow them on Facebook @IronsideAxe.

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