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Johnstown Creators Plan to Launch New Social Media App, On Air

Travis Lodolinksi and his developer Derek Lengenfelder, both from Johnstown, PA, are preparing to launch an exciting new social media platform, On Air.

On Air is an audio-based social media app that will give people a new way to entertain and communicate. The app allows you to post audio recordings and leave audio responses on others’ posts. On Air will first launch as a desktop application before going completely mobile.

Travis came up with the idea for the new social platform after listening to a podcast by comedians Dane Cook and Bert Kreischer. “After hearing their podcast, I realized there was a huge interest and a huge gap in the audio space when it comes to social media,” Travis says.

“I looked for the best way to contact Dane Cook. He actually got back to me, and I had a conversation with him and his business manager,” says Travis. “They have a huge interest in the app.”

Travis hopes his app will be a way for non-video personas to entertain. The app can be thought of as an audio version of Instagram. But with On Air “the user will paint the picture instead of the picture painting itself,” says Travis.

The app will also feature what Travis calls “EmojiFX” - emojis that play sound effects when touched and can be inserted into the audio posts.

“The power of audio is so incredible,” says Travis. “When you hear someone speak, you don’t have to see that person to feel what they’re saying.”

On Air will also allow people to communicate more effectively by eliminating the possibility of messages being misconstrued. “It’s so easy for written messages to be taken out of context,” says Travis, “but with audio you can get the right tone across.”

The app will give users the opportunity to access more content. On Air audio posts can be up to 5 minutes long, and audio responses can be up to 2 minutes long - much shorter than the average podcast, which is 1-2 hours. “The average drive time is 15-20 minutes,” says Travis. “During that drive you could fit in 3 broadcast from On Air versus maybe one-quarter of a podcast.”

Travis also owns and operates his own media marketing company, Traventures Media, where he works with all types of business to provide services such as website building, video animation, and mobile app design.

On Air will be launched within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!

Check out the app’s design at onair.today, and visit Traventures Media at trav.media.

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