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Jordan, the Feline Cat Burglar

What's one of the most popular things to post about on the internet? Cats. This is an easy subject because for one, they are adorable and two, they do adorable things. But what is both adorable and viral? A cat who steals shoes as a hobby.

Meet Jordan. This beautiful cat has become a viral sensation online, in magazines, on television shows and it is all because he enjoys even strolls. But he doesn't just go for walks at night. He brings back a treat for his owners, BJ and Gavin Ross, to find in the morning. Whether it's a sneaker, a slip-on, a sandal, or a boot, Jordan has taken up a hobby of swiping from his neighborhood since January of 2020.

"Out of my seven cats," says owner, BJ Ross, "Jordan is the night prowler. He loves to be out at night. BJ has Jordan set up with a tracker so she can see where Jordan goes during the night. Also, with a slew of security cameras, she's able to watch when he brings home a shoe. This lead BJ to create a public Facebook page.

The page's purpose was so she could post a pair of shoes or a single shoe that was taken during the night in hopes that the owner would see and have their belongings returned. Since January of 2020, Jordan has taken nearly 100 shoes, some individual and some pairs. So far, 30 or 40 shoes have been returned to their owners.

The page went up on August 1st of this year and started getting lots of local attention. Eventually, the Ross family was introduced to Jordan Tracy of Studio 814, a program affiliated with WTAJ News. The interview was picked up and aired, leading to many other news sources reaching out. BJ and Gavin Ross found themselves being interviewed by People Magazine, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, the Kelly Clarkson Show (aired in October 2020), and many others. The story then went all over the world. News stations in Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, and many others wanted to hear the story and meet Jordan, the shoe stealing cat.

"It's surreal," BJ says, "especially talking to people all over the world. The story they are sharing and the joy they are getting from it makes us so happy." Jordan's adventures continue on their Facebook page (link below) where BJ and Gavin post about the shoes found daily, Jordan's tracker updates, and new Jordan merchandise that is available for purchase on their website.

Shoes aren't the only things Jordan brings home. If a shoe doesn't fit the bill for this feline, he decides that objects like chapstick, Nerf gun bullets, bathing suits, and gloves will work just as well. "With so many sad things out there and the fact that my cat is just doing a silly thing like stealing shoes," BJ remarks, "makes it all a little less sad."

First Frontier Forward wants to thank BJ and Gavin for taking the time to interview with us!

Be sure to check out the full interview here: https://www.facebook.com/101240588166481/videos/369605144200041

Jordan, the Feline Cat Burglar address: P.O. Box 733 Altoona, PA 16603

Website: https://jordanthefelinecatburglar.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/337364823966808/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jordan_the_feline_cat_burglar/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFipUxQXqJfSKJoQVyyxB5Q

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