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Kate’s Real Food is Coming to Bedford

Kate’s Real Food, an organically-sourced food brand specializing in healthy fuel bars, is moving its operations to Bedford!

The transition to Bedford will allow the business to increase its production rate of 1 million bars a year to 12 million bars a year, with the ability to make even more.

“The whole operating side of the business will be in Bedford, PA,” says owner Kate Schade who resides in Victor, Idaho. “We’re open and running, and we’re really excited.”

Kate started her business as a small operation in 2005 that focuses on clean ingredients, sustainable practices, and great taste. She has spent the past 15 years perfecting her recipe and growing her business, while adding additional products along the way.

While officially starting her business in 2005, Kate has been making a form of the bar since the mid 90s. “The business all started with one bar, the Tram Bar, that I began passing out to friends at the ski resort in the tram line.” Kate says. “They loved them.”

Kate was waiting tables and working at an organic farm when she began making the energy bars for her friends on a regular basis. She then started going to farmers markets and selling them.

“I was ready to do something more meaningful,” says Kate. “I had a great product, people loved it, and I was selling it. By growing the company, I’d be able to give back more to the things I really love, like organic farming, organic foods, and outdoor play.”

Kate’s mission is to inspire more people to get outside and find something they really love. “It’s good health, it’s good living, and it's an adventure,” Kate says. “If we could give back in some way, which we’re still figuring out as we evolve, then that’s what it’s all about for me.”

Kate also wants her product to match the atmosphere you’re in while eating it. “When you’re out skiing or biking or doing whatever it is you’re doing, you’re in such amazing, beautiful places,” says Kate. “Why would you want to choke down some sort of food that doesn’t match the experience you’re having?’”

Kate's Real Food is available on Amazon, through her website, and in select stores.

To learn more about Kate’s Real Food and find a store near you, visit katesrealfood.com.

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