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Keystone Pinups Helping Make Masks for Area Veterans

The area's shortage of masks for medical workers and first responders is getting to a critical state. With certain counties opening back up, the rest are still trying to find ways to get the supplies necessary to provide a safe environment for the public. Here at First Frontier Forward, we have talked to multiple people who are making their own regulation masks for healthcare workers and others. The Keystone Pinups, a volunteer service group in Blair County, is asking for help to provide their own masks to the public.

Lisa Joy Williams, a member of the Keystone Pinups, has been hard at work making masks just a short time into the pandemic. According to posts by the KP, Williams created over 400 masks by April 25th and donated all of them to VA homes, local doctors' offices, other KP members, and companies like AGX. Other members of the KP have decided to start making masks in an effort to help Williams and they are asking for the help of the community.

“Everybody is lacking. No matter where they work, everybody in the medical field, they’re all lacking these masks, and we thought that it was something for us to do. Some of us are still working, some of us are laid off, so it’s just another thing that we can do to help the community,” said Renee Kauruter, the president of the group. They are also extremely excited about the social distancing mandate to lift in the near future and to see the folks they volunteer for again.

Keystone Pinups asks that if you’d like to donate to the mask making cause, to coordinate a drop off with the group at Luigetta’s Restaurant. To read the story and watch the video interview with some of the group members, be sure to go to the link below!

Source: https://wjactv.com/news/local/blair-co-veterans-services-organization-making-masks-for-the-community?fbclid=IwAR02A7txYjbM8C4qYUHKHZIXIvDoOpVkIRehjaLsnMDwV2WYrlJP4oD8Uqc

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