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Kindergarten Teacher to YouTube Influencer w/ Pete Harry

Harry Kindergarten Music's YouTube channel currently has 230 million views and 222,000+ subscribers. Pete Harry, a kindergarten teacher in Bellwood, PA is enriching classrooms across the country with his YouTube channel, Harry Kindergarten Music. Pete Harry has put a fun twist on learning by creating educational music videos. The videos cover the topics of reading, writing, math, science, and character education, and are used by teachers both locally and throughout the country. What began as a personal teaching style became a virtual sensation - but that wasn’t Pete’s original plan. “This totally went viral by accident,” Pete says. “In my second year of teaching, I started making these songs and videos just for my actual classroom. I would teach topics in my class and think ‘I wish there was a song that could teach that.’ I would think of a jingle in my head that didn’t exist yet, so I just started making the songs myself. The kids would watch them at home, kind of like kindergarten homework. Then teachers started finding them and sharing them.” If you are a parent or teacher looking for uplifting, educational, beneficial, fun, catchy, and quality videos for your kids/students you need to follow: - Youtube.com/user/HarryKindergarten - https://www.harrykindergartenmusic.com/ - Harry Kindergarten Music on Facebook

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