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Local Business Highlight: Personalized Pretzel Favor

First Frontier Forward is passionate about supporting local businesses, as the small business community is one of the many things that makes our region so unique!

We love talking with local business owners, and this week we sat down with Michele Kennedy of Altoona, PA and owner of Personalized Pretzel Favor.

Michele creates beautiful chocolate covered pretzels with personalized tags that are perfect for any special occasion. She specializes in weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, and holidays.

She got started on her business after making pretzels for her daughter’s friend, who then continued to order the pretzels for every season and every party. Michele’s daughter then suggested she contact the Green Bean Coffee House to see if they would be interested in carrying them.

Michele brought over some personalized samples, and they were instantly a hit. The Green Bean Coffee House now orders the pretzels every two weeks, and sells approximately 2,000 a year.

The pretzels are also available at Alto Market in Altoona, and seasonally available at the 31:25 Boutique and Kerr Kreations.

Michele’s passion for baking and decorating is reflected in the detail of her products. She always matches colors, themes, and adds a personalized message or logo.

Contact Michele through Facebook @PersonalizedPretzelFavor.

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