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Local Llama Gets Her Bunny Ears

The smell of spring is in the air and the flowers are out to bloom once more in the sunshine. But what else is coming with the spring months? Easter! This holiday brings memories of egg hunts as a child, a house covered in colorful pastel colored eggs and tulips galore. But what made childhood memories of Easter so memorable to begin with? It was none other than the plethora of Easter candy that was bought by our parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles! Let’s face it, most of the holidays had a certain theme to their candies, but Easter was known for an iconic character with a not so typical feature.

This is referring to none other than the famous Cadbury Bunny, who, with it’s cute, fuzzy nose and memorable clucking, hopped into our hearts and let us know when the Easter season was beginning. The adorable character first appeared in commercial form in the year 1994 and it has not changed. Featured in the commercial we see a lion wearing pink bunny ears and clucking like a chicken were he would normally be roaring, a cat, whose meow sounds similar to a squawk, and more animals, who have had their calls switched! In the end, the commercial simply states, “No bunny knows Easter, like Cadbury.” History being made, the country took this as a challenge. Is it just a bunny? What about a hamster, a potbelly pig? How about a llama? Yes, a llama. Cadbury decided to host a nationwide contest, asking animal lovers to send it photos and videos of their animal friends doing their best to be the famous Cadbury bunny themselves. This year’s 2020 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts has some amazing contestants, but not as amazing as Conswala the llama from York Springs, Pennsylvania.

Conswala’s outgoing personality shows in her audition tape, posted on the Cadbury Bunny Tryout’s website at https://bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com/. She is seen with her owner, sporting some very Easter themed flowers and a fabulous pair of rabbit ears. Other contestants include a horse from Florida, a duck from Missori, and a cat from Oklahoma. Visit the website above for information on all the contestants and watch Conswala’s tape! She and her handler sure know how to get into the mood for Easter celebration! Not only is Conswala an Easter fanatic, but she also bakes! She knows how to keep busy!

Voting is up to us! Visit the website and vote for Conswala today for her to become the new Cadbury Bunny! We’re sure she’d share her candy with you! Stay #LLAMAZING!

(Sources: https://wjactv.com/news/local/york-springs-llama-in-the-running-to-be-cadburys-newest-clucking-bunny

https://bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com/en-us/Detail/a4b1eabb-42ed-4291-a602-ef2c51fd99fb?Gallery=Gallery )

Cadbury Bunny Website: https://bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com/

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