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Local Yoga Studio Continues Classes Online

Mystic Moonlight Yoga, based out in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, is giving its students a new way to continue to take classes online. With many of the gyms and fitness areas having to remain closed, a virtual approach is better to continue following the social distancing guidelines.

The studio decided to have the classes put onto Vimeo and have a subscription fee to view its videos. “The whole purpose is to stay connected with our students and bring classes to them from the teachers that they know and feel comfortable with, rather than just YouTubing videos with some random instructor,” says Alex Howlett, Owner of Mystic Moonlight Yoga.

Even though it is easy to view these classes online, creating them to be viewed on an online platform was more difficult than expected. Howlett says it’s definitely not the same, especially since they are so used to practicing in front of a live class and not a camera. “The biggest appeal to going to a studio versus taking online classes is the sense of community you get and I feel like we’re missing a lot of that right now. It’s easier to get teacher feedback when you’re there in person where the teacher can see the kind of way your body is moving and if you’re moving safely,” she says.

Another unique factor about Mystic Moonlight providing their videos online is that there’s no time constraint on when you can take them or when they’re available to you. They are up 24/7, so if the yoga bug gets you at 11 pm or even 2 am, you have that option.

Mystic Moonlight Yoga offers its instructional videos for $15 a month or you can rent each video for up to three days. Visit their social media and their Vimeo pages below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexhowlettyoga/?ref=br_rs

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mysticmoonlightyoga/399519196

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