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Mindfulness at Bloom Yoga

The stress of this year is hanging on many people throughout our area and some are looking for relief. An opportunity is happening on Sundays at Bloom Yoga that just might get you out of your 2020 funk.

We spoke with Koelle Williams and Tony Pater, two Mindfulness Meditation instructors about the importance of this class for folks and how it can help in their daily lives.

Tony Pater, a 15-year mindfulness instructor, had met his battle with issues of depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. After visiting with a counselor, they instructed him to try a mindfulness course and he was quite skeptical. But, within the first 30 minutes, he stated, "I began to realize that I had been on auto-pilot in my own mind for a long time. This practice of mindfulness helped him reach what he calls, 'the area between stimulus and reaction.' With this new-found knowledge, he began to develop his own practice and became a counselor for those who suffered from substance abuse and mental health issues. Julie Lambert, a colleague of his, who also ran Allegheny Mindfulness, was helping him with classes and he later met Koelle, who would teach classes with him to this day.

Koelle Williams began her personal meditation practice nine years ago and completed the 6-week Mindfulness course presented by Allegheny Mindfulness Fall 2018. After losing two very important people in her life, she met with a counselor who suggested the mindfulness course to her. Taking it with Tony, they quickly became friends and developed a small group of regulars who would take mindfulness courses. This would later become the opportunity offered at Bloom Yoga on Sundays. “One of the most valuable lessons for me has been that mindfulness is a practice, in the full sense of the word," Koelle says. "There’s no need to fear failure or to become upset over setbacks, because we are all human, and each moment that does not happen exactly as I want is still an opportunity to learn and begin again. How freeing is that!”

Both Tony and Koelle encourage those who have trouble with mindfulness or those who just want a better understanding to join them. To listen to the full interview with Rob Z, be sure to check out the link below. Also listed is the Bloom Yoga site with a class schedule. Thank you so much to Tony and Koelle for their time and make sure you are being mindful and aware of those around you every day!

Bloom Yoga: https://bloomherenow.com/

Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2772134726222631

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