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MotoCoaching with Joe Fetzer

If you have ever thought about reaching out to someone for guidance in your personal life or in your business life, it might be tough if you don't know where to start looking. Many people choose to reach out to a loved one or a close friend for advice, but if you are looking for an outside party, someone who can give you honest, real advice, a life coach is the person you need to call upon. Better yet, our area is home to Joe Fetzer, who is a personal, business, and life coach for MotoCoaching, a life coaching business based out of Johnstown, PA in Cambria County.

Fetzer's life coaching services reach out to all types of people, whether you are successful and need business guidance or you are trying to work on yourself before looking at other areas of your life. "Coaching is all about helping people. Nobody goes at it along and I feel that a lot of people feel that way, that they have to go at it alone," he says. "But when you partner with a coach, somebody who wants to see you be a champion in your life, you are able to succeed." Fetzer believes that coaching is his way of giving back to people, especially people in the area of Johnstown, PA.

Johnstown is known as one of the poorest cities in Pennsylvania, but that doesn't mean there lacks a potential for future growth and development. Fetzer says, "There are challenges here in this town that require much more (giving)." When there are rough patches in people's lives, they want to be uplifted and motivated to move past those. Some people say that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. What does that say about you?

As for MotoCoaching, they reach out to everyone, no matter what your goals and desires might be. Their website is encouraging and states, "MotoCoaching provides dynamic and personalized professional coaching solution to any entity, i.e. individual, business, team, etc., who seeks to develop personally or professionally through the pursuit of goal accomplishment, positive change, and personal career endeavors." Positivity can be contagious and Fetzer says that when you surround yourself with people who want the same, it is most likely that the goal will be met.

Fetzer also supports many groups in Johnstown, two of which he works closely with. Entrepreneurial Alchemy and Entrepreneurial Life both provide a great, positive space for people to gather and share ideas. Fetzer considers Johnstown to be an area in transition, based mainly on the demographic. Changing times call for any changes to be made and being in the right, positive headspace can lead you to a brighter future.

If you are considering having a life coach, remember to reach out to the experts, like Joe Fetzer at MotoCoaching. You have many things coming in the year 2021. How are you going to prepare yourself for them?

Big thank you to Joe Fetzer for being a part of our First Frontier Forward family. If you want to learn more about Joe, his journey to life coaching, and more, be sure to listen to the full interview with Rob Z!

Interview: https://www.facebook.com/101240588166481/videos/369713567568863

MotoCoaching: http://motolifecoach.com/

Entrepreneurial Alchemy: http://www.eajohnstown.org

Entrepreneurial Life: https://www.jari.com/entrepreneurial-development/

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