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Our Glimmer of Hope: Essential Workers Appreciated in Unique Way

While stay-at-home orders are in place for many residents of Blair County, the community wants to show appreciation to the workers who are still going out to the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, Blair County likes to create unique ways of doing things, and so far, this one is definitely a favorite.

As of Tuesday this week, residents of Blair County are turning on porch lights, lighting candles in windows, standing on porches and in the front yard, the six-foot safe distance of course, and are shining lights to show thanks to those essential workers who are risking their lives every day to help keep life going. Our own mayor, Mayor Matt Pacifico, was given the idea by UPMC Altoona, as a way of showing those who still come into work that they are so important and benefit the health and well being of our community during this time. He says, “This still is a way to bring us all together and to do it in a way that shows our gratitude and appreciation for all the essential workers out there.”

Mayor Pacifico encourages everyone to participate in this very special way of thanking those who are in the medical profession, the doctors, nurses, technicians, caregivers, and more. We are supporting those who are still delivering food to grocery stores, the grocery store clerks and cashiers, the stockers and stackers. We are supporting the mailmen and women who deliver our mail and packages to our homes every day. We are supporting any and all who are still going to work every day, those who are keeping our very changed lives just a little bit normal. We thank you for your work and it will never go unnoticed.

If you wish to participate, illuminate your home every Tuesday night around the 8:00 pm hour in support of all essential workers. We are all in this together!

Full Article: https://www.wearecentralpa.com/news/residents-thank-essential-workers-during-illumination-ovation/

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