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Our Heroes Wear Masks: Healthcare Workers Highlighted

There are so many groups of people to be thankful for during the Coronavirus pandemic. The healthcare groups have had an outstanding amount of support from our neighbors and community. But there are others who are working to protect those who are more susceptible to getting the virus. Healthcare workers who dedicate their time to the care and health of those who are elderly in Pennsylvania are the heroes we are proud to have.

Homewood at Spring House Estates in Everrett is just one of the many places where folks are combating the virus, keeping the folks who live there comfortable amidst all this unknown. But the difference is how they are fighting it. “In acute care (hospitals), they are fighting the disease itself,” said Spring House Executive Director Mary Grattan; “but in our setting, we’re fighting to keep the disease away. It’s a different battle in the same war.

Many months have passed with teams at Homewood locations taking all precautions against the Coronavirus. But along with keeping everyone safe, there’s also the task of keeping those folks happy and entertained as usual. Grattan goes on to talk about ideas that became a reality. “We had a care parade for a young man of 95 who had to cancel his birthday party. Everyone on our campus and throughout the corporation was going above and beyond: our maintenance team delivered mail, our wellness director made YouTube exercise videos, we set up FaceTime for the residents and their families; and in personal care, our tea even built a bird feeder so our residents could watch the birds out their windows.”

Though there are still many who are being affected by the Coronavirus at this time, keeping a positive mindset is necessary to carry on. Those healthcare workers who are in our hospitals, doctors' offices, and emergency centers, we thank you for your service and for working to keep us healthy. To those who are caretakers at places like Homewood, we send a special thank you to you as well. You truly are those unsung heroes of healthcare!

Read the whole story in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Generations via Altoona Mirror.

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