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Pass Time Fun: Activities for Kids at Home from Mirror Moms

With kids still at home, parents are constantly coming up with ideas to keep them entertained. Whether it’s turning to Pinterest to find some DIY crafts or scouring YouTube to find a video with a simple science project, coming up with ideas to avoid the kids saying the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored,” is made simple by the help of the Mirror Moms. Kristy MacKaren put together some great activities for the kids to do!

Breaking the Ice

This activity goes great for the warm summer months that are around the corner. In either an ice cube tray or some small container, put some items, like seeds, flowers, rocks, etc. into the containers and place in the freezer until frozen. Then, the fun part! Take them outside and encourage the kids to, safely, break the ice!

Stuffed Animal Sled Races

This is another event for stuffies to take part in! Forget about the typical tea parties! First, gather some shoe boxes! Then, some ribbon or twine and tie it to the boxes. A few knots later, you have some sleds for those stuffies that will get the kids be overjoyed with!

Fishing for Letters

Who doesn’t like fishing? And when learning is involved, it’s even better. The supplies include jar lids, small magnets, sticks, some twine, and a marker! Tie the twine to the sticks and the magnets to the twine. Draw some letters or fish on the jar lids and get the kids fishing for letters!

There are many other activities that are easy to put together for the kids and will keep them entertained for days! Don’t fret, turn to the internet! We hope you and your families are still staying safe throughout this time.

All activity and ideas can be found in the May/June/July 2020 edition of the Mirror Moms!

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