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Pet of the Week - Bedford

It's #PetOfTheWeek at First Frontier Forward!

This week, meet Marbles from the Bedford County Humane Society!

Marbles is an adorable young feline thought to be about 13 weeks old.  She is playful, energetic, loving, and enjoys exploring when outside her kennel.  Marbles is sure to make someone out there a wonderful companion.

The shelter is still operating by appointment only so if you have an approved application and would like to meet Marbles, please give the shelter office a call at 814.623.8968 to schedule an appointment.  If you do not have an approved application on file but are interested in Marbles, or any of the other wonderful pets looking for homes, you can apply online at www.bchsonline.org

#FirstFrontierForward #PetOfTheWeek

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