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Please Pass the Pączki: New Bakery in Newry, PA

With so many bakery shops in our area, we are no stranger to delicious pastries and desserts. ‘The Piekarnia Bakery,’ in Newry might just put us to the test but in the best way possible. Shelly Hall and Kelly Mellot, two sisters, have had a love for baking and being in the kitchen because of their grandmother. Recipes they are making for the bakery were passed down from their grandmother, keeping Polish tradition alive and well.

“After our grandfather passed away 17 years ago, we had all these family cookbooks, so...to spend some extra time with her (grandmother), we would invite her over, pick a recipe out and say, ‘Hey, let’s try this one.’” Not only was it traditional with their family, but their love of cooking resonated from a young age. “We’ve always been interested in, you know, baking cookies, pies and things like that.” But what are some of the Polish twists that will be available for the public to try?

A traditional Polish recipe called, ‘pączki,’ will be featured on their menu. It’s a Polish donut that is typically filled with a sweet cream or a fruit filling. Then on top, it is covered with Russian butter and decadent chocolate. Both Kelly and Shelly have specialties, or just their favorite things to bake for the bakery. But the pączki is Kelly’s favorite, claiming that she can assemble these delicious desserts in her sleep. It’s not just the typical blueberry muffins, pies and sweet danishes that are going to be in the display case. The sisters want to bring out some other traditional meals throughout the month. Meals like Halušky, a dish with noodles and cabbage, and every Polish style pigs-in-a-blanket.

Another feature of the bakery will be traditional Polish pottery. Each piece is hand painted by an artist and has kept the Polish style to it. Plates, cups, mugs, bowls and any other piece you might need in the kitchen, the bakery will offer a variety of these beautiful pieces for sale. Each piece also is hand stamped by the artist so you know there is total authenticity with this beautiful dish-ware. The sisters comment, “It not only is beautiful to have in your own kitchen, but the colors are so unique and beautiful and it’s perfect to have in the shop. It goes along great with the decor.”

But like all great ideas, the support of family helps bring those ideas to life. Sisters, Kelly and Shelly, are very grateful for their family during the building of their bakery and say it wouldn’t have been possible without their help. “Family is huge to us, so, passing on those traditions and sharing them with everybody. We love nothing more than getting together, eating good food and making memories. That’s sort of our thing.” Said with a smile, this bakery is surely not to be missed!

If you wish to visit the Piekarnia Bakery, they are located at 16310 Ste 1 Dunnings Highway in Newry. They are closed Sunday and Monday and have various hours throughout the rest of the week.

(Source: https://www.wearecentralpa.com/news/local-news/new-bakery-with-polish-flare-coming-to-blair-county/)

Piekarnia Bakery Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePiekarniaBakery

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