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President of Blair County Chamber of Commerce: ‘We are ready to reopen’

Joe Hurd, the President of Blair County Chamber of Commerce, says Blair County is ready to reopen, although it is not one of the 24 counties that will begin reopening May 8.

“We were extremely disappointed to be put into the category that we were. Unfortunately, where we are now is not at all where we had hoped to be,” Hurd says. Hurd and his team are asking businesses to reach out to Governor Wolf to spread the message that our area is ready to reopen, and we’re able to do so safely.

“We believe that we are ready to at least get into the process where we’re one of the first counties in the commonwealth to be able to open,” says Hurd.

Hurd encourages everyone that is ready to see Blair County reopen to contact Governor Wolf and his team at governor.pa.gov/contact.

Hurd also encourages individuals to visit Blair Chamber’s website, blairchamber.com, for information on pandemic unemployment assistance available.

“All of the information we’re getting from the state government and from the federal government, we’re sending to our chamber website,” Hurd says. “There are links to pretty much anything that a business or an individual may need to find out what options they have.”

Visit blairchamber.com, and select “news alert” for information on the Paycheck Protection Program, various insurance programs, and other assistance available.

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