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Printing Local Love: Lightning Bug Gift Co. Supports Local Businesses

In times of great adversity, we are grateful to have people that come forward and offer hope, light, and comfort. Becki Hollen and Chris Bencivenga are some of those people, and they’re using their shop, Lightning Bug Gift Co., to support the community during this trying time.

After Governor Wolf’s business shutdown, Becki and Chris knew that something needed to be done to support both Lightning Bug and other local businesses.

“When we found out that we had to close the store, we got a little scared because most of our income comes from in-person sales from people coming into our store or coming to see us at art festivals. Both of those things aren’t happening right now,” Becki says. “We saw a lot of our other small business friends scrambling to figure out how they were going to keep money coming in. For us, this is our only source of income.”

Becki and Chris both specialize in screen printing, and they're using their art skills to help the community.

Lightning Bug Gift Co. has partnered with twenty-six businesses throughout the community to sell “Local Love” t-shirts that will feature the business’s logo. The t-shirts are available to purchase for $20 on Lightning Bug's website. The money will be split between Lightning Bug, for printing and shipping, and the business of your choice. Help two local businesses with the purchase of one shirt! Orders must be placed by midnight on March 31.

“We don’t have any employees. It’s just Chris and I,” says Becki, “and all of our printing equipment is at our home. We can run this promotion, print the shirts, and ship them out without having contact with anyone else. We aren’t putting anyone at risk to make these t-shirts.”

Supporting local businesses is something that Chris and Becki have always believed in. “Being a small business owner can be isolating at times,” Becki says. “You work a lot, and there are so many aspects to running a business that other people don’t understand. It’s nice to have that community of people to bounce ideas off of. They know where you’re coming from. We’re all about working together and collaborating.”

Lightning Bug Gift Co. is run by Becki and Chris in Hollidaysburg, PA and focuses on “local.” The shop carries their own Pennsylvania-inspired artwork, as well as the work of other local artists. You’ll definitely want to stop by Lightning Bug the next time you’re in the neighborhood!

Visit Lightning Bug's online store to check out their awesome artwork!

Follow Lightning Bug on Facebook and on Instagram @lightningbuggiftco.

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