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Sidney and the Sock Puppets: YouTube Welcomes Local Comedy Series

A new comedy series has come to YouTube, and it takes place in our very own backyard.

Sidney and the Sock Puppets, created by Jason Bohn and Will Jones, is offering some much-needed comic relief during these tough times with it’s one-of-a-kind humor and unique storyline.

Shot locally in Blair County, the YouTube series features places like the Black Dog Coffee Shop, Canal Basin Park, Marzoni’s, Peoples Natural Gas Field, and the streets of Hollidaysburg.

Sidney and the Sock Puppets was born out of a friendship between Jason and Will, who have worked together for over 15 years on numerous projects. Together, they make a talented pair: Will writes the script and hires the talent, while Jason films, edits, and produces the show.

“As a writer, you always look for opportunities to do something that’s out of the ordinary,” says Will. “Every once in a while Jason and I have a conversation about what we should be doing outside the norm. In one of our conversations we had talked about some sock puppets. Oddly enough, it inspired me. I ended up crafting and creating the title, the characters, and the concept. Fortunately, Jason saw behind the insanity, and his experience was advantageous for me. It was a nice, natural match to bring in his technical creativity.”

New episodes air every Friday at noon, with each episode running about 10 minutes long. “We’ve been producing video content for a very long time. It’s just fun to venture into something other than corporate stuff,” says Jason.

Sidney and the Sock Puppets specializes in up front, tongue-in-cheek humor. “There’s shades of The Office type humor in there, or maybe Christopher Guest movies, but at the heart of it I don’t think there’s anything quite like it out there,” says Will. “It’s pretty off beat.”

Will has written for commercials and for stage. He owns P&J Productions with his partner Neil Port, where he has been bringing shows to Blair County for 10 years. He also has his own personal company, Carysel Entertainment, which features his musical, literary, and creative works.

Jason owns Starfleet Productions, Central Pennsylvania’s leading producer of professional, broadcast-quality video productions, which produces 400-500 commercials every year for local television stations.

“We took a leap of faith with Sidney and the Sock Puppets,” says Jason. “We produced it on our own with no budget whatsoever, while squeezing it in between daily life and our regular work.”

“I truly enjoy what I do in producing videos and commercials. The technical aspect of it, the art of it,” Jason continues. “I would probably do what I do everyday even if I wasn’t getting paid for it. Whether I’m creating commercials or industrial videos or comedies with sock puppets, I just love this line of work. I would shoot anything and edit anything.”

“We laugh a lot,” says Will. “We’re so grateful to be able to do it. Even while we’re editing we’re laughing and adding weird sound effects and music. It’s thoroughly enjoyable. Creating and directing and working with Jason. I love the whole process. It’s just fun.”

Jason and Will hope to get enough viewers, subscribers, and possibly sponsors to help promote future seasons. “We want to develop these characters more. I’m already working on scripts for season two. The world has been built, now we can expand it and have even more fun," says Will. "Hopefully that’s what we get to do,” says Will.

Catch up on the first three episodes of Sidney and the Sock Puppets, and check out the newest episode airing this Friday, because, let’s face it - we could all use some humorous entertainment right now:

Episode #1 - The Fever

Episode #2 - The Theater Girl

Episode #3 - The Coffee Shop

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