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The Healthy Choice: Simple Nutrition Meals with Katie Gutwald

With the holidays fast approaching, some people are searching for alternative meal options that don't include greasy french fries or a sad cheeseburger. Katie Gutwald, the founder of Simple Nutrition Meals in Johnstown has come up with a solution to your quick meal fix!

With strength sports being a huge part of her lifestyle, Katie has traveled with her husband to competitions all over the country. With that, she noticed that meal prep businesses were taking off and were popular amongst the crowds. "I was thinking," she says, "Johnstown could you something like this. I talked to some friends and family about it until I just said, 'Let's go for it!' Three, four months later, I couldn't ask for it to be going any better.

The idea behind Simple Nutrition Meals is to offer people the choice of a healthy meal instead of them pulling up to yet another drive-thru restaurant. "We basically want to provide customers with simple, healthy meals and at a great price."

Accessing their website, Simple Nutrition Meals has a step by step process while choosing your meals and your pick up locations. Katie lists several different meal options on the site so the customers have a lot to choose from. From chicken and sweet potatoes to shrimp and rice, the meals look both delicious and fresh!

Simple Nutrition Meals also allow you the option to choose where your meal is able to be picked up. They do not provide home or office delivery but make it convenient for customers to know when their meals are ready with a quick text or email alert. Some pickup location options are in the areas of Somerset, Ebensburg, and, of course, Johnstown.

Katie also talks about options customers have if they have allergies or certain food restrictions. Whether you are allergic to an ingredient or need your meal to be gluten-free, Simple Nutrition Meals has a meal for you. "If you have an allergy, we make sure to prepare your meal safely."

With the success of her business, there's no doubt that fitness and nutrition are an important part of Katie's life. When asked, What does fitness mean for you in your life? she said: "Fitness is important in all areas of life. Mental health and being aware of what we're eating, how we feel about what we're eating too. Something that's also important to me and my lifestyle is setting little goals, breaking down a bigger goal for yourself, and making this fun. Find things that you like to do or have. Not everyone enjoys eating chicken and rice, so find something that gets you excited. Make it personal to you and keep it sustainable!"

We want to thank Katie Gutwald for her time and we encourage everyone to check out her website and social media!

Website: https://www.simplenutritionmeals.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimpleNutritionMeals

Instagram: @simplenutrition_meals

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