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The Working Dog Coffee Company: Interview with Misti Pike

The Working Dog Coffee Company, based out of Hollidaysburg, PA, provides roasted-to-order premium coffees, apparel, and gifts in support of the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of working and service dogs.

The term “working dog” refers to any farm, military, or service dog. “These dogs are different from your average family dog. They’re bred to make decisions on their own,” says Misti Pike, owner of The Working Dog Coffee Company

Misti was inspired to open her business after adopting two retired farm working dogs, specifically, livestock guardian dogs.

“One day I was just kind of standing in the kitchen and thinking about the two things I loved most: dogs and coffee. I just combined the two of them together. There are companies out there that do similar things, but mine is specifically geared towards working dog rescue,” says Misti.

The Working Dog Coffee Company donates a portion of their proceeds to a variety of different rescue shelters, including farm and military dog rescues. “We do working dog rescue donations, but I will help any rescue that needs help,” says Misti. “We are jumping in and helping wherever we can.”

The Working Dog Coffee Company is currently running a campaign with Patriot K9 Rescue, a military dog rescue supporting retired protection dogs coming out of Afghanistan.

The Working Dog Coffee Company is online-only, but Misti hopes to place her products in several local businesses in the future.

Learn more about the company’s mission at https://workingdogcoffeecompany.com/, and contact Misti on Facebook @TheWorkingDogCoffeeCompany.

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