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Throwback Thursday - Bedford

This week's #ThrowbackThursday post is coming to you from Bedford County, Pennsylvania!

Pictured below is the historic Grand Central Hotel!

The following information comes from Larry Smith, who commented on this photo on the Facebook page: 'Old photos and stories around Bedford County'

"About the year 1755, Frederick Nawgel (variously, Naugle, Nagel, and Nawgal) opened a tavern within the growing village. It was located on the west side of the town, on the northwest corner of Pitt and Juliana Streets. The site of the tavern, which was shown as Lot #81 and applied for by Joseph Shaneywolf in 1766 (according to the map drawn by John Lukens), was occupied by the Washington Hotel in the 1850s and later the Grand Central Hotel. The property was occupied by a number of businesses after the Washington Hotel closed, most notably by the Altoona Federal Bank, which opened an office there around 1970, and most currently it is still the home of the bank, despite a name change to the Altoona First Savings Bank. It is currently numbered as 100 West Pitt Street."

Such a cool picture and building! And thank you Larry for the awesome information!

#FirstFrontierForward #ThrowbackThursday

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