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Throwback Thursday - Blair

This week's #ThrowbackThursday post is coming from Claysburg in Blair County!

Pictured below is the Claysburg Ebersole Electric Company!

Here are some facts about the Ebersole Electric Company!

  • The beginning of the Ebersole Electric Company was during the depression years of 1929 and early thirties.

  • The first shop was in a residential garage and by 1935 it was necessary to move into larger quarters on Front Street. The present store was built in 1947 and has handled all the leading appliances: General Electric, Maytag, Hoover, etc.

  • The original owner, Orville Ebersole, was married to Ruth Black, and they had three children: Elaine Conrad, who has three children; Paul, who has three children, and Nancy Glass, who has two children.

  • Orville was an avid hunter and made trips to Alaska and had numerous trophies. Ruth was the organist at the Lutheran Church until her retirement in 1978.

  • Orville Ebersole was the founder and first owner of Ebersole Electric. Later, it was then owned and operated by his son, Paul. The store closed in 1995.

  • The store was located in Claysburg, PA on Bedford Street near the Church Street intersection. In the booming days of Claysburg, Shaffer stores were located beside it and the Claysburg A&P and Reighard Electric were located directly across the street. This area of town was called the “Golden Triangle” back then.

Do you recognize this building or remember going there? Let us know down in the comments below!

#FirstFrontierForward #ThrowbackThursday

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