• Rachel Lingenfelter

Throwback Thursday - Huntingdon

This week's #ThrowbackThrusday post is coming from Huntingdon County!

Pictured below is an old photo of damage during one of the floods that happened on June 1st, 1889! Huntingdon County has a record of having more than one major flood in the past!

First, the flood in 1889, where 9 inches of rain fell in 36 hours! Most of Williamsport, Lock Haven, Muncy, Jersey Shore, and Montgomery were submerged.

Another, in 1936 where two rainstorms combined with snowmelt flooded the Eastern Seaboard from Virginia to Maine. A total of 150 to 200 lives were lost and damage estimates were over $1 million.

What major weather event happened in your lifetime? Be sure to comment down below!

#FirstFrontierForward #ThrowbackThursday

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