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Turn Passion Into Profit w Seth Mason

Seth Mason, a twenty-two-year-old entrepreneur from Johnstown, PA is creating much-welcomed opportunities for local kids. He is using his companies Seth’s Socks and Entrepreneur U, and his involvement with the Johnstown Steel Esports gaming team, to make a big impact in their lives. Esports are growing in popularity every day, and Seth is utilizing his gaming platform to create opportunities for students. American Esports will be launching a school program this coming fall that will showcase just how beneficial esports can be. “Esports can include the entire student body into one sport,” says Seth. “It doesn’t matter who you are, or how athletically-gifted you are. It levels the playing field, which cannot be said for any other sport out there.” The esports school program will provide opportunities for kids with a wide range of interests. Art students, broadcasting students, kids interested in tech or videography, kids who love to learn about software and coding, and students with entrepreneurship qualities will all benefit from the school program. Entrepreneur U is in its pilot stage with the goal of being fully launched in the spring. 10 local schools are currently interested in adopting the entrepreneur workshop into the curriculum. Seth encourages others to not take anything for granted. “The current situation with COVID-19 reflects how things can change instantly,” he says. “Don’t be content with what you’re doing. Always try to improve and look for opportunities to be involved in multiple things.” Check out Seth’s projects below! SethsSocks.com Follow Seth's Socks on Facebook and Instagram @sethssocks https://johnstownsteel.com/ Follow the gaming community on Facebook and Instagram Johnstown Steel Esports

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