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Turning a New Leaf: CBD Manufacturer Takes Next Step

CBD products are becoming a widely researched product by many people in our community. Not only are they offering a new way to experience pain relief and calm, but they are providing folks with a new way to look at marijuana and the wellness factors it has. This wildly popular trend is taking over the states, one by one. But one business’s expansion is going to offer the Bedford area new job opportunities and offer the community more as well.

In 2017, Green Leaf Medical, LLC found a vacant area of nearly 274,000 sq feet. After applying, the state granted them access to become a ‘grower/processor of medical cannabis.’ This was the beginning of Phase I, which would cost $15 million in order to have a building that could properly house the plant for its growth to be sufficient. Over 100 jobs were created because of this in the summer of 2019. Green Leaf’s CEO, Philip Goldberg, talked about the growth of CBD use in Pennsylvania.

The medical cannabis industry is growing rapidly in Pennsylvania with a 500% increase in annual sales from 2018 to 2019. There are over 150,000 certified patients,” says Goldberg. The expectations of Phase II are high after the success of Phase I being accepted so quickly. “We are really excited about Phase II. It’s a $35 million expansion that will enable us to add hundreds of new jobs and better serve the needs of patients throughout the Commonwealth.” Because of this expansion, Goldberg also believes that there are over 500 jobs that are going to be created in the very near future. The expansion expects to create an area for growth that is separated from has already been established. This means a new growing area for the plants, all new HVAC units installed, irrigation system, cultivation system and more. The number of flower rooms will also grow.

“Saxton has exceeded our expectations. We have great employees and incredible community support. We certainly believe we made the right decision to locate our business in Bedford County. It’s a great fit for us,” Goldberg commented. He hopes that with this expansion, the community will continue to grow and Bedford county will be able to build more from this expansion. The Chair of the Bedford County Development Association stated Green Leaf’s value in the Bedford community is huge.

“Phil and his team are creating jobs and purchasing goods and services from local businesses. The company is also a strong supporter of local educational and non-profit groups. This is a great example of how economic development and community development go hand-in-hand.” Whether CBD products have been introduced to you in small quantities, learn more about their benefits and uses for day to day. Congratulations to Green Leaf Medical, LLC on their expansion in Bedford County!

(Source: http://www.bcda.org/green-leaf-announces-major-expansion/?fbclid=IwAR0da18NMYtX5V7zp2B2Bpwl-u3aO8kR1Ii2Hb5cvL8-SRdnA79uN3ZwJrI)

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