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Tyrone Coffee Shop Stays Positive by 'Paying it Forward'

The Brew Coffee and Tap has become a staple for Tyrone community members. Some come by for their favorite coffee drink, others stop in for a beer during taproom hours, but all look forward to chatting with The Brew’s owners, Shannon and Rob.

The Brew is widely known for its welcoming environment and one-of-a-kind staff. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced The Brew to stop all on-site consumption, they continue to bring our community together - one cup at a time.

Right now, The Brew is giving community members the chance to “pay it forward” by anonymously purchasing a drink for those who are working on the frontlines of this pandemic. Any nurse, first responder, healthcare worker, or person along those kinds of work can come in and utilize one of the free beverages. There are currently over 160 free drinks available.

The “Pay it Forward” board also allows you to purchase a drink for a specific person. You can pay for someone’s drink ahead of time, put their name on the board, and when that person comes in they get to cash in on a free drink. “This part of the board is for if you want to make someone’s day,” says Shannon.

Shannon and Rob had the idea to “pay it forward” long before The Brew opened. “We had seen it at a brewery in Harrisburg, and decided we could do that with coffee.” says Shannon. “It was an idea that got put on the back burner. Then the pandemic happened, and we had a customer reach out about doing that exact idea. She wanted to support local businesses, as well as those working on the frontlines. She donated some money and gave us the little kickstart that we needed.”

The Brew will continue to “pay it forward” once the pandemic is over. “This is something that’s going to be here as long as we’re here,” Shannon says. “We’ve had a ton of support with it. People have been so generous. The board is completely full.”

“We’ve had people mail in notes and money towards the ‘Pay it Forward’ board,” says Rob. “We truly appreciate the positive attitudes we’ve received from everybody. We want our customers to know that we appreciate their support during these times and that we miss them.”

The Brew has continued to operate during the pandemic by offering take out orders and even curbside pickup. Taproom hours have had to close, but they will resume as soon as they legally and safely can. “We feel fortunate that we have been able to stay open,” says Shannon. “We have a really solid customer base, and some regulars continue to come in everyday.”

Shannon and Rob are both looking forward to business going back to normal, when customers can come in, sit down, and stay awhile. “I’m excited to get that customer interaction back,” says Rob. “We get messages almost daily from customers saying how much they miss coming in, hanging out, and just talking with each other and with us. We consider everybody family at this point, and we struggle with not having that same interaction. We’re all excited for things to get back to normal, whatever that may be.”

Thanks Shannan and Rob, for showing your continued support of our local community! We can’t wait to come hangout at The Brew!

“Pay it Forward” by visiting The Brew or by giving them a call.

Connect with them on Facebook @thebrewcoffeeandtap and on Instagram @thebrewcoffeeandtapllc.

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