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We Can Do It: Masks Being Made by Local Sewing Enthusiasts

Facebook is a place where people can collaborate with others who have similar interests. They can join groups with Harry Potter fanatics, with gardening gals, and all sorts of people who have similar interests. So, if you were to come across a group titled, “Home Sewing Central PA,” you’d think it would be a bunch of people who take an interest in sharing sewing projects and finished pieces. Well, if you were to become a part of this group today, you’d find their mission would be to serve the community, one stitch at a time.

The public’s need for face masks is growing, especially because of the lack of availability of online stores or providers. If you’ve seen our previous article, another local, Alyssa Wills started a mask-making project to support her sister’s workplace in Philadelphia. That later changed into her being contacted by friends and family to make masks for them. The importance of wearing face masks is absolutely there during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the group “Home Sewing Central PA,” has decided to not only help the general public have masks to wear but they are also providing quality masks to medical professionals as well.

The group is organized by Steve Elfelt. An article written by the Altoona Mirror had this quote to say about the current need in Pennsylvania and how the group is working. “Currently, there is a need for 1200 masks for local medical personnel. This group is about 500 members strong with around 30 dedicated “makers” who sew and distribute the masks. They are accepting donations and new members to help aid Blair county as well as Chambersburg, Huntingdon, State College, and Bedford. Additional groups are springing up which share their mission of providing free and professional masks. They have the ability to take requests using forms on their page.”

One of the big roles being played to lead the group is lead by Meghan Jones-Steinbugl, who was trained to be a leader at the Junior League of Baltimore. A detailed description of how the masks are made is available to be read by following the article link below. Currently, they are accepting donations for supplies and those are listed below. Even if you don’t have the time to make your own masks, please consider donating to a great cause. A big thanks to Meghan for giving us this information and we hope there cause expands and reaches more people in need!

Full Article: https://www.altoonamirror.com/blogs/the-art-cafe/2020/04/masks-made-by-local-group-home-sewing-central-pa/

Donate through PayPal: paypal.me/megjones2

Donate through Email: megancentralpamasks@gmail.com

Photo credits to Toby Maurer of The Branding House Asheville.

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